Your wedding should be presented in the most enjoyable, watchable, emotional, personal and memorable way. JustinFilm assembles your finished HD cinematic production using three mini film montages, set to the music of your choice, along with the full wedding service, full speeches and closing credits.

  • The morning 'Getting Ready'  sequence. Amontage set to the music of your choice of your morning preparations and getting you to your wedding service.
  • The full wedding 'Ceremony'. Full coverage of your arrival for the service, the exchanging of vows and your departure.
  • The 'Post Ceremony' sequence . Amontage set to the music of your choice of everything that happens between your wedding ceremony and your arrival for your wedding reception.
  • The 'speeches' sequence. The ambiance of your wedding reception and wedding breakfast , cutting of the cake and full coverage of all the speeches.
  • The 'Highlights'  sequence. A black and white montage set to the music of your choice of all the highlights from your day.
  • The 'Closing Titles' sequence. Scrolling credits, set to the music of your choice, of all the attendees to your day.

A nationwide, 2 HD camera, 'beginning to end', all inclusive treatment that captures the magic of your entire wedding day in a tailored, creative, personal and quality crafted production. All the relevant information is gathered prior to the wedding day and,  at a time to suit you, we can meet to discuss your preferences and plans. For further service information see the Pricing page or click HERE.