Honeymoon Sequence - £250
Whilst on your honeymoon you may record moments on your mobile phone, digital camera or camcorder. On return from your honeymoon you can save your footage to USB (provided) and send for editing into your wedding video production. The footage can be included in the closing titles or tagged on to the closing titles as an 'extended play'. The footage you provide can also be edited to include any additional honeymoon mementos such as photos, postcards and anything else you gather on your travels.

Photo Montage - £150
Send photos that you have purchased from your wedding videographer, photos from your honeymoon, photos of you as a couple growing up or anything else included in your closing sequence on a USB (provided) and have them included in your wedding video production. The photos provided can be included in the closing titles or tagged on to the closing titles as an 'extended play'.

Although every wedding is treated individually and tailor crafted throughout the whole production, you do also have additional personalisation elements to choose from. Whether you would like customised closing titles, the inclusion of a 'honeymoon sequence', a photo montage or something particular to your own wishes then you can have it! See the below suggestions for your additional personalisation, along with the associated charge for each. For something else you  have in mind, please get in touch for a quote.

Custom Closing Titles - £250

The closing titles sequences, already featured in your all-inclusive production, comprises of 'movie-style' scrolling credits set to the music of your choice. This includes all the guest names featured in your wedding day, any personal messages you may want to convey and any written content you would like included. A custom closing titles sequence can instead be created for you, set to a piece of music with animated elements to a theme of your choice. Examples of previous custom closing titles can be seen from the links below.