With five years of wedding videography experience, and over twenty years of creative media know-how, the practical and technical background of the service you receive is assured. What makes JustinFilm different to other equally technically proficient wedding videography providers, is the approach. The approach to the filming of your day, the editing of your story and the delivery of your wedding film production is something that cannot be learned, copied or reproduced. It comes from within.

Contemporary, unique, tailor-made, creative, quality, lovingly crafted wedding videography. JustinFilm specialises in capturing the magic of your wedding day in full High Definition, and telling the story of that day in your own wedding film production. Preferring a friendly and unobtrusive approach to the filming, emphasis is placed on allowing your day to unfold naturally, without the interference of  forced and staged moments. Your wedding day is about you, and throughout the filming and editing of your production your personalities are allowed to shine through.

The morning of the wedding is the part of the day where the bride and groom are separate from one another, preparing for the ceremony ahead. It is during this time that two videographers are essential in order to capture both the bride and groom, with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, in the anticipatory build up. While Justin provides principal videography and editing, a female videographer is responsible for capturing the bridal preparations.